The one million trees in one day project which was to take place on Friday and Saturday has had to be postponed. Due to a lack of funding the project could not be completed in full. Swinford Tidy Towns had a large number of trees of various varieties on order from the charity, which were being supplied to us completely free. One million trees in one day have assured us that we will receive our full allocation of trees which we ordered, once the funding is fully in place. Due to the timing constraints of planting trees, it will now be October/November at the earliest that the planting will now take place, should the project become fully funded. To donate €3 to the project please text “Donate Trees” to 57777.

Thanks to everyone that volunteered for the planting over the weekend. I’m sorry that I could not have let you all know about the postponement earlier, as it was 11.30 Thursday night that I got confirmation that we would not be getting our full allocation for the weekend. We are working with our horticulturist’s Anita and Miriam on finding suitable locations for the trees that we did recieve in our starter pack. We will keep everyone updated about the project and you can also sign up to our free monthly newsletter on the site.

One Million Trees in One Day
Well… What an incredible few days. So many wonderful moments and people and such good will. Some very tricky moments and mistakes and problems as well. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and to everyone who has helped and given their time and energy to the project. We will be updating all schools, colleges, community groups, farmers and landowners tomorrow and then our team is going to re-group and work through tree numbers and details and start to fix up the gaps and work forwards towards an ongoing plan to get the rest of the million trees into the ground. We will send out full updates later in the week to everyone with further details. A lot of trees got planted this weekend, we’ll do a full count tomorrow. Thank you again to everyone. The One Million Trees in One Day team.
Text "Donate Trees" to 57777

Text “Donate Trees” to 57777

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