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Green Home Themes

Welcome to the Green Home Themes page! The Green Home programme aims to help householders to reduce their household bills while at the same time doing their bit for the environment. The programme focuses on four key household themes of waste prevention, water conservation, energy conservation and sustainable transportation.

The Green Home Themes page aims to provide householders with the most current and up to date tips and advice and relevant links on ways to reduce waste, conserve water and energy around the house and to use more sustainable travel options. This section also contains action plans for each of the themes. The action plans suggest ways in which you can incorporate the tips and advice into your day to day life thus helping you to save money around the house. To access these action plans just click on the relevant theme below.

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                                        Waste Hierarchy Chart

waste-hierarchy chart

Waste Hierarchy Chart

The debate surrounding waste management has put forward a method of positive action with regard to waste known as the Waste Hierarchy. At the top of the Hierarchy is prevention and avoidance of the generation of waste, and at the bottom, the least preferred option, disposal.

• Prevention/Minimisation: Before any purchases are made, consider are they even needed. Clever shopping by buying in bulk, using refills etc.

• Reuse: This is where a product is bought and sold on with the same purpose. E.g. clothes banks, jam jars – there is no change.

• Recycling: A waste is processed into a new product often not related to the initial item. E.g. glass, plastics and composting.

• Energy Recovery: Taking waste/part of a waste stream, and using it as a fuel. E.g. making paper logs, waste-to-energy plants.

• Disposal: Landfill is the disposal route for 91% of the household, commercial and industrial waste produced in Ireland.

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