Swinford Tidy Towns 2013 Tesco Clean Street League is well under way with the July results now in from our Adjudicator’s. There is an added dimension to this years competition with the addition of all the Estates in Swinford. Some of the Estates had to be divided into 2, e.g Bollingbroke Drive entrance (left) Bollingbroke Drive (right), Dún na Rí -1 Dún na Rí -2 for example. The competition will run similar to last year with the same categories, Litter control, Flowers/Planting, Presentation and Overall Impression. The Overall Impression will be calculated as the average of the scores of the other 3 categories. The only other difference from last years competition is the reduction in the maximum number of points for the month from 100 to 40.

In Junes League Results, Park Road were leading in 1st place, but Main Street have taken over the lead in July’s Results. We have a 3 way tie for second place with Park Road, Davitt Place and Chapal Street all fighting it out!

We have the added dimension this year with the inclusion of the Estates in Swinford Clean Street League. Leading both last month and this month has been Bollingbrooke Drive (entrance left) with Railway Terrace (car park-town side) in a close second both months! Ráthunas is hot on both their tails in a close third position. We are now just about halfway through this years Tesco Clean Street League and its not too late to get your street/estate team out and improve on your points for next month!

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July Results


July Results (2)


July Results (3)

Copies of the report can be viewed on the notice board in Tesco Swinford, at the reception in Swinford Library & on the notice board and also on the window of the Hospice Shop Swinford at their new location at the Square.

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