June Results

Swinford Tidy Towns 2013 Clean Street League is well under way with the June results now in from our Adjudicator’s. There is an added dimension to this years competition with the addition of all the Estates in Swinford. Some of the Estates had to be divided into 2, e.g Bollingbroke Drive entrance (left) Bollingbroke Drive (right), Dún na Rí -1 Dún na Rí -2 for example. The competition will run similar to last year with the same categories, Litter control, Flowers/Planting, Presentation and Overall Impression. The Overall Impression will be calculated as the average of the scores of the other 3 categories. The only other difference from last years competition is the reduction in the maximum number of points for the month from 100 to 40.

The Adjudicator’s wanted to point out the very noticeable lack of litter in all areas of Swinford, both the streets and Estates. 2013 Clean Street League is sponsored again this year by Tesco Swinford and Swinford Tidy Towns Committee would like to thank the Management & Staff for all their support to date. There will be 1st and 2nd Prize’s for the overall cleanest street and overall cleanest estate. The Awards will be presented to the winners at the Awards Ceremony which will be held at the end of September.

Clean Street League - June Results

Clean Street League – June Results

Clean Street League Table - June

Clean Street League Table – June



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