Swinford Pride Of Place 5th Of August 2014

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Swinford was honoured to represent Mayo in this years Pride of Place competition. The Swinford Pride of Place adjudication took place last Tuesday 5th of August which was also Heritage Day in the Síamsa Sráide festival.

Swinford Pride of Place adjudicators 2014

Our 2 Adjudicators were very very impressed with the image of the town, the sheer number of clubs and organisations in the town. Most of all, they could not get over the friendliness and warm welcome that they received from the people of Swinford! It is hard to believe that in Swinford we have over 50 clubs and organisations, some of whom work away quietly in the background and go unnoticed. This was very evident by the 250 page Swinford Pride of Place document about all the clubs and organisations which was presented to the Pride of Place Adjudicators!

Pride of Place-1 from Breege Rowley on Vimeo.

The Pride of Place competition is all about showcasing these clubs and organisations, showcasing whats good in our community, “putting our best foot forward”. Swinford has once again done itself proud! The only thing the adjudicators were regretful of was the fact they could not spend more time in Swinford and chat to more people, they only had two and a half hours to do the judging (they had to leave Swinford at 5.30 to be in Belcarra Castlebar at 6 to judge them in their category)

All the Swinford Pride of Place adjudication photos will be uploaded here shortly, do check back again.

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