Swinford Link Road Update 20th November

The planning and design for the N5 Turlough to Bohola Road Project Road commenced in 2012. In March 2014 the extents of the Study Area were increased to include the proposed N26 Swinford link road in consideration of the upgrade of the N26 from Swinford to Mount Falcon. The project is now called the N5 / N26 / N58 Turlough to Bohola and Swinford to Mount Falcon Road Project. The first public consultation was held in Swinford Cultural Centre on Wednesday 11th of June 2014. The original proposed Swinford link road map (map on left, click to view full screen) was on display on the day.

Below is the updated map which was on display at the second public consultation as of the 19th November 2014. (Click on map to view full screen)

Swinford road map updated 19th November 2014

Swinford Road upgrade map updated (19th November 2014)

Last Wednesday the 19th November there was a second public consultation day held again in Swinford cultural Centre. The new emerging preferred route maps were on display. We were told that the proposed Swinford Link road section of the development had been dropped from the NRA N5 / N26 / N58 Turlough to Bohola and Swinford to Mount Falcon Road ProjectThis section has been handed over to the Local Authority (Mayo County Council) to further develop. The timescale of the proposed link road is at the moment unknown.


Cross-Section of preferred road type.

Cross-Section of preferred road type. (November 2014)

Above is the preferred road type for the upgrade of the N5 / N26 / N58 Turlough to Bohola and Swinford to Mount Falcon Road Project

Below are the links to the various route maps for download. (maps are in pdf format, links open in new tab to view or  download)

  • Route Options – Overall scheme map
  • Original Proposed – Swinford Link Road map (June 2014)
  • Updated – Swinford Road Upgrade map (November 2014) 

Updates will follow as we get more information.

For more information visit the NRA Design website.

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