Swinford Clean Street League 2013 Poster

Swinford Clean Street League 2013 Poster

Swinford clean street league 2013 will be taking place again this year. It will run again as last year from 1st June to the end of September, with the Awards Ceremony and presentation to the winning street taking place at the end of september. There was fierce competition last year with Davitt Place winning the 2012 clean street league.  Remember, you don’t have to wait until the 1st of June to start on your street, you can make a start now, weeding, sweeping outside your house/premises’s, getting your hanging baskets and window box’s ready. Every little bit will make a huge difference and will also help Swinford in the National Tidy Towns Competition this year.

Swinford Tidy Towns committee has spent the last 4 meetings putting the application together and we would like to thank everyone on the committee for all their help and patience! We finalised the application at last nights meeting and will have it sent in, in good time for the May 23rd deadline.

As always we continue our weekly clean ups on Wednesday evenings at 7pm & Saturday mornings at 11am meeting at the “No Name Club” on Chapel Street. If you have an hour to spare please come out to help. We will update details of this years clean street league later, so keep an eye here and on our facebook page.

“Hi All
Just an add-on that all the estates in Swinford will be added to the Street League this year which will make the competition very exciting. For the second year running TESCO Swinford will be sponsoring the winners of both the cleanest street and estate. The competition has helped enormously to get people out and active in our community with regards to making our town a more beautiful place for our residents and visitors alike. As Community Champion of Tesco Swinford I would like to take this opportunity to thank our local Tidy Towns Committee who have worked tirelessly over the last year to improve our locality and urge new members to get involved and give an hour or two of your time to help improve our area.”
Deirdre Fahey Tesco Swinford


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