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Swinford Tidy Towns have entered the National Tidy Towns competition again this year. The Committee put in in huge effort and a lot of hours completing the application form, which runs to a total of 18 pages! We would like to thank everyone that helped to complete the application, for all their hard work. The competition runs from 1st June. The winners from each category are announced at the Awards ceremony in The Helix Theatre in Dublin at the end of September.

Last year 2012, Swinford Tidy Towns increased our points from 226 to 231, in the National Tidy Towns Competition. You can view the full 2012 Report in our Archive section, as well as previous reports and applications (we will have this years application uploaded to the site later). We are hoping to see a big increase in this years score, as there has been a huge amount of work done in the town, both by the Tidy Towns Committee & Volunteers and by the residents and business’ of Swinford.

Swinford Tidy Towns Committee are seeking your continued support this year and are asking you to keep outside your house/shop/business clean and free from weeds and litter. One simple way to make a huge visual impact on the town is to add flower displays to your premises, eg. hanging baskets/window box’s.

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