Calling All Volunteers, We Need Your Votes!

Can we ask you all to share this link and vote for Swinford Tidy Towns Lets Colour Project, to help us win €500. Our project is on page 3 and you can vote twice, Best volunteer group & Most colourful project. Click on link below. You can vote from a computer every day until 21st Oct. We would ask if possible could you vote every day please. We also ask to please forward on this post to any family or friends that are on facebook that would like to help us out. (at time of writing we are in 2nd place with 79 votes)
(please note, some people were not able to vote from mobile, we recommend using a computer to ensure you cast your vote)
Vote twice for Swinford Tidy Towns "Lets Colour Project" every day.

Vote twice for Swinford Tidy Towns “Lets Colour Project” every day.

As always thanks a million to everybody for all your support, from everyone at Swinford Tidy Towns.

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