supervalue tidy towns logo 2The national tidy towns competition has been revamped for 2014. There has been some major changes in this years competition, the most notable is the reduction in the numbers of categories, from 10 down to 8. The other major change is the increase in the total points, up from 400 to 450 for this years competition.

In the categories, “Tidiness” and “Litter Control” were two separate categories in previous years and these are now combined into one category. The “General Impression” category has been removed from the competition this year. Some categories have also been renamed this year.

Some categories have seen an increase in points this year. One of the renamed categories “Community Involvement & Planning” will get an increase in points of + 10. “Tidiness & Litter Control” the new combined category will also increase in points of + 10. The other category to see an increase in points is “Sustainable Waste & Resource Management” which will get an added 30 points this year.

The National Tidy Towns competition entries have to be lodged at the end of May, and judging starts in June. Swinford Tidy Towns have already started preparing this years application form. As always we are looking for new Volunteers to help out this year. If you would like to get involved with us, contact any committee member and we hold weekly meetings every Tuesday evening at 8 pm in the Gateway Hotel. We also do a weekly clean up around the town every Saturday Morning, meeting at the “No Name Club” on Chapel street at 11 am.

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