The Great Bulb Exchange

weee bulb exchange

what are cfl bulbsThe great bulb exchange is a new initiative by WEEE Ireland and is supported by Lighting Europe. You can recycle your CFL bulbs and brighten up your garden with free flower bulbs. Simply take your used CFL bulbs to one of the particiapting stores for recycling and exchange them for free flowering bulbs for your garden.

Stores that are taking part in this great initiative are Woodie’s, Arro Homestore, Homevalue, Expert Hardware and Topline. The free flowering bulbs will only be available while stocks last. For a full list of store locations visit; the bulb exchange website.

Almost three million waste light bulbs were collected by WEEE Ireland in association with Irish Lamp Recycling last year. But about two-thirds of old bulbs are still going into general household rubbish bins or are hoarded at home.

WEEE Ireland chief executive Leo Donovan said: “It is our hope that the Great Bulb Exchange grows the awareness of recycling when people are changing energy saving bulbs in the home and that these unwanted bulbs end up being recycled and not thrown into the bin.”

Swinford Tidy Towns will be holding our annual WEEE Recycling day again this year sometime in October. The collection point will be at Tesco car park. Full details to be confirmed and will be announced later.

the great bulb exchange

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