GMIT Green Campus Lunch Time Lectures 2015 – Talk On Light Pollution

light pollution Ireland map

Light pollution Ireland map

As part of the GMIT Green Campus lunch time lectures, next Monday at lunchtime there will be a talk on Light Pollution in Ireland. With the arrival of electricity our normal day/night division has become blurred, disrupting the wake/sleep cycle that we (and other life) has evolved with. In the past few decades Ireland has also seen a large growth in light across the country, with most of the country seeing a change of up to 20%, and our towns produce 2-3 times as much light as those in the North. Cutting back on light waste now makes environmental, health and economic sense.

The map to the left shows the amount of light pollution in Ireland in recent years. View more information here on Eyes On The Sky blog.

urban light pollution sky map

Urban light pollution sky map

Should we make Ireland (dark) green? A talk about light pollution.

Room P002
Monday the 16th February


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