There will be a scrap metal collection in Killasser during May

scrap metal collection Killasser 2015

The scrap metal collection in Killasser will be held at the community centre. The collection will take place over 2 weekends, on the 2nd & 3rd and the following weekend of the 9th & 10th of May. Collections can be arranged from your house or townland or you can drop off at the community centre. Please contact any of the committee members below to arrange collection of scrap metal items.

All metal items will be accepted including,

  • Household items: iron baths, ironing boards, old boilers, garden gates, electrical wire, copper, stainless steel, lead,
  • Yard : Bicycles, go-karts, lawnmowers, garden gates, steel oil tanks, wheel barrows, cement mixers, lead, aluminium, old scaffolding, sheep wire, fencing wire.
  • Old Cars : Car shells, diggers, dozers, axles, engines, car/tractor radiators, starter motors, alternators, digger tracks, car/tractor batteries.

Items Not Accepted:

  • Timber, Glass, Tyres, Rubber, Plastics
  • Washing machines, Fridges, Electric cookers
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