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Plastic bag free day will take place on Thursday the 3rd of July. Please join the international community and leave all plastic bags behind you at home and not buy any plastic bags in shops. Instead, bring a re-usable canvas or cloth bag, paper bag or a basket when you go doing your daily shopping.

ban plastic bags

It takes between 100 – 500 years for a plastic bag to disintegrate.

There has been another significant step in the reduction of single use plastic carrier bags in Europe with the European Parliament voting in favour of the draft European directive on plastic carrier bags last April, which was presented by the commission in November 2013. The European Parliament as a result, agreed to reduce the consumption of plastic carrier bags by 50% by 2017, and 80% by 2019 compared to 2010 figures.

ban plastic bags80% of marine litter is plastic!

This will allow countries that have implemented a tax on plastic carrier bags, the plastic bag levy here in Ireland, to have re-usable bags not sold for less than the tax. Since the implementation of the plastic bag levy, Ireland has achieved an 80% reduction in the use of single use plastic bags which cost 22c. This ensures that re-usable bags cannot be sold for less, which would lead to an increase in the total number of bags used.

ocean rubbish

How the majority of plastic bags end up in ocean rubbish dumps around the world.

Click on info-graphic to view full size. Info-graphic courtesy of The Huffington Post.

ban plastic bags

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