A New Single Use Coffee Cup Charge To Be Introduced Later This Year

A New Single Use Coffee Cup Charge is to be introduced later this year. The Government plans to introduce a 20c levy on disposable coffee cups later this year to try to encourage people to choose reusable alternatives. The Cabinet has approved a bill which includes this measure to help reduce waste. The Government intends to bring in a 20c Levey on single use cups later this year, but this is subject to approval from the European Union.

coffee cup holders with sleeves

Coffee cup holders with sleeves.

The Department of the Environment surveys reports that nearly 200 million disposable cups end up in landfill or incinerators each year. They are also a litter blight on our roadsides in our towns and villages up and down the countryside. The Department have said that the 20c levey will be ringfenced in a fund for Environment and climate projects. “The ambition is to make Ireland the first country in the world to eradicate disposable coffee cups,”  a spokesperson from the department said.

“It’s very similar to the plastic bag levy,” the spokesperson said.  “People will remember when that came in, we were using a giant number of plastic bags and after the levy came in, the reduction was 95% in the use of plastic bags.” The plastic bag levy, introduced in 2002 in Ireland, requires shops to charge 22 cent for a plastic shopping bag.

Environment Minister Eamon Ryan said “we need to re-think the way we interact with the goods and materials we use every day” to reach net-zero emissions. “Through a mix of economic incentives and smarter regulation we can achieve far more sustainable patterns of production and consumption that move us away from the patterns of single-use and throw-away materials and goods that are such a wasteful part of our economic model now,” he said

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