New Recycling Bank at Tesco New recycling bank at Tesco Swinford

Tesco Swinford last week installed a new Recycling Bank at the entrance of their car park. Due to the huge number of Swinford residents now recycling their household waste on a regular basis, the two existing Recycling Banks were under extreme pressure, to cope with the amount of bottles and cans recycled.

This brings the number of recycling banks in Swinford town to 3. The other two recycling banks can be found at “Melletts Car Park” at Davitt Place, and also at “Corrib Oil” on Dublin Road. The 3 recycling banks are marked on the map attached.

Recycling Points in Swinford Town

Recycling Points in Swinford Town

Swinford Tidy Towns would like to thank the Management and Staff of Tesco Swinford for accommodating the recycling bank. This will greatly alleviate the pressure on the existing banks. Swinford Tidy Towns Committee would appeal to the people of Swinford for their continued support in using the recycling facilities correctly, ie. putting different coloured glass/tins in the correct bins. We also plead with people, if the recycling bins are full, please do not leave bottles or tins at the side of the bins. Please bring them to one of the other recycling banks in the town. Swinford Tidy Towns Committee would like to once again thank you for your co-opporation.

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