We have new locations for 2 Mutt Mitt dispensers

Due to the recent planting of 800 hedging plants at the amenity park wall, we have had to find new locations for 2 Mutt Mitt dispensers. Last November Swinford Amenity Park committee, along with Swinford Scouts and with the help of Swinford Tidy Towns volunteers, planted 800 hedging plants along with 2,000 daffodil bulbs along the Amenity Park wall. (Full report on the project at a later date).

In August 2014, Swinford Tidy Towns, with the cooperation of Mayo County Council (and a huge thanks to Theresa for all her help), had 7 Mutt Mitt dispensers installed at various locations in Swinford. The Mutt Mitt dispensers were supplied and fitted by Ciaran from MuttMitts.ie. Two of the dispensers were fitted, one at each end of the Amenity Park wall. However with the recent planting, these 2 dispensers would have ended up behind the hedging when it grew.

The first mutt mitt dispenser on the Amenity park wall was located across from the entrance to Ash Grove housing estate. This dispenser has now been relocated closer to the town, beside Tesco. It is now at the beginning of the Amenity Park wall, at the corner of the first road junction into the Amenity park.

Mutt Mitts dispenser Kiltimagh road

The second mutt mitt dispenser used to be located at the very end of the Amenity park wall, opposite the Larch Hill housing estate. This dispenser has now been moved approximately 400 meters around the corner on Park road. It is now located just before the first entrance into Aras Attracta on Park road.

Mutt Mitts dispenser Park road

Thanks to all the dog owners in Swinford and surrounding areas that make great use of the mutt mitt dispensers since they were first installed in 2014. There have been lots of positive comments about them and how there has been a huge reduction in the amount of dog fouling all along the walking route. We would like to thank everyone that makes use of the dispensers and we would encourage more dog owners to do so. Using the mutt mitt dispensers benefits everybody in the Swinford community!

New Locations For 2 Mutt Mitt Dispensers

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