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The National Tidy Towns Competition begins again on the 1st of June. Swinford tidy towns committee have completed and sent the entry form last week, ahead of the May 22nd deadline. The judging in the competition starts from the 1st of June and the adjudicators can arrive in Swinford at any time. We are asking all householders and business premises’s to keep the footpaths outside there premises’s free from litter, cigarette butts and weeds.

The 1st of June will also see the start of this years Swinford Clean Street League. Our adjudicators can arrive also anytime throughout the month of June. We will have the June report uploaded to the site when we receive it, usually at the end of the month.

Last Wednesday evening we had a good turnout of Volunteers and the residents of Park Road and the whole lenght of Park Road was cleared of moss and weeds. This Wednesday evening we will be tackling Kilkelly Road to clear all the moss and weeds along it. We will be meeting at the playground at 7pm.

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