National School Litter Pick

Scoil Muire agus Treasa national school litter pick with Swinford tidy towns.

Scoil Muire agus Treasa national school litter pick with Swinford tidy towns.

The annual National School Litter pick around Swinford took place on Friday last 23rd June. The litter pick is an annual event undertaken by the 5th and 6th class students from Scoil Muire & Treasa in Swinford. We would like to thank all 38 students who helped out on the day and also to their teachers, Marian, Roísin, Amelia & Rita, and also to the tidy towns members, Imelda, Susan, Terry, Tom & Michael. We hope the students enjoyed the day, tidy towns certainly enjoyed having them with us. We would also like to thank Cathal and the Gateway Hotel for having hot food ready for everyone back at the school when we were finished.

Some of the bags of rubbish and recycling collected.

In total 14 bags were were collected, 6 bags for recycling and 8 bags of rubbish. There would have been more for recycling but was unfortunately too contaminated to be recycled. Its great to get the national school students involved in initiatives like this as it educates everyone on the importance of not alone not to litter in the first place, but also the importance of recycling as much as possible.

We split up into 6 groups with each group taking on a particular area in the town. Areas included all the main streets, car parks and back streets. Ballina road, Dublin road out to Corrib Oil. Kilkelly road including all around the industrial estate. Park road, kiltimagh road including all around the Co Op and Tesco & Amenity Park.

When we got back to the school after finishing, each group made a list of the items that they collected. One thing that stood out, with every group, was the amount of cigarette butts! Below are the list of items collected by each group, thanks to the students for compiling these.

  • Group 1 : receipts, shoe’s, cans, clothes, football, nappy, shopping bags, wrappers, food packet, bottles, paper, tennis racket, cardboard box’s, bottle tops, plastic tokens, cigarette butts, deli food, coffee cups, ready made dinners, blankets, hair ties, crisp packets, insulation.
  • Group 2 : Bottles, glass bottles, cans, plastic cups, lids, cigarette butts, paper, sweet wrappers, clothes, bird.
  • Group 3 : Mop, cans, plastic bottles, lighters, cups, dolls head, shoes, clothes, dolls creepy head, busted ball, plastic, paper, chip fryer, pots and pans, gloves, ashes, bags, business cards, empty cigarette box’s, aerosol can.
  • Group 4 : Heater, t-shirt, cigarette butts, lighter, glove, cans, bottle caps, half a bag of dog nuts, plastic bags, empty potato sack, broken plates, screws, broken glass, sock, wipes, circus discount tokens.
  • Group 5 : Cigarette butts, plastic bags, bottles, corks, plastic wing mirror, beer cans, tissue, straws, glass, wrappers, potato, crisp packets.
  • Group 6 : Dead bird, baby clothes, kids bike, poster, lots of cigarette butts, timber, fidget spinner, keyring, charger, burst balloons, jumper.



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