Mayo recycling centres 2015 opening hours for Christmas & New Year

Here are the opening hours for both of the Mayo recycling centres for the Christmas period.  Derrinumera landfill and recycling centre is located just outside Newport. Rathroeen landfill and recycling centre is located just outside Ballina on the Killala Rd.

Derrinumera Recycling Centre Ph 098 41632

Recycling Centre Mayo County Council

Recycling Centre

Wed 23rd – Open (8am – 4:30pm)
Thurs 24th – Closed
Fri 25th – Closed (Christmas day)
Sat 26th – Closed (Stephens’ day)
Sun 27th – Closed
Mon 28th – Closed
Tues 29th – Open (8am – 4:30pm)
Wed 30th – Open (8am – 4:30pm)
Thurs 31st – Closed, (New Years Eve)
Fri 1st Closed, (New Years Day)
Sat 2nd Open 8am until 1pm.
Sunday 3rd – Closed.
Monday 4th Normal Service.

Rathroeen Recycling Centre 096 75959

Wed 23/12/15 Open 9am-12.50pm & 1.30pm–4.30pm
Thurs 24/12/2015 Closed
Fri 25/12/2015 Closed (Christmas Day)
Sat 26/12/2015 Closed (St Stephens Day)
Sun 27/12/2015 Closed
Mon 28/12/2015 Closed
Tues 29/12/2015 Open 9am-12.50pm & 1.30pm–4.30pm

Wed 30/12/2015 Open 9am-12.50pm & 1.30pm–4.30pm
Thurs 31/12/15 Closed (New Years Eve)
Fri 1/01/2016 Closed (New Years Day)
Sat 2/01/2016 Open 9am-1pm
Mon 4/1/2016 Open 9am-12.50pm & 1.30pm–4.30pm

What Items are accepted for recycling?

• Clear/brown/green glass bottles and jars.
• Clean aluminium drink cans.
• Clean steel food cans (cat and dog food).
• Clean wearable adults and children’s clothes
• Curtains
• Clean wearable shoes in pairs.
• Clean Type 1 plastic bottles, known as PET/PETE (mineral or water bottles).
• Clean Type 2 plastic bottles, known as HEPE/PE (milk containers)
• Clean Tetra pac milk and juice cartons.
• Dry and clean paper including newsprint and magazines.
• Dry and clean cardboard.
• Books for reuse by Oxfam.
• Original music and game CD’s for reuse by Oxfam (no copies).
• Window, mirror and drinking glass.
• Scrap metal waste.
• Solid wood waste, no MDF or chipboard and no metal door handles or hinges.
• Tyres, no wheel rims, maximum of 4 tyres.
• Clean, dry, white polystyrene – bags provided at Reception Office at Centre.
• Gas cylinders.
• All household electrical and electronic goods (WEEE).
• Waste cooking oils.
• Waste motor oil and oil filters.
• Regular light bulbs.
• Hard plastics such as old toys, plastic furniture, storage boxes and flower pots.

pdf green schools downloadsView or download the Mayo recycling centres brochure here.


See the Greening Mayo facebook page here.

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