The painting blitz will take place on Sat 30th June at 10am and Sun 1st July starting at 12am.  We will meet at Swinford Carpark behind Melletts on that morning.  We have been awarded the Dulux Lets Colour project for the carpark and designs are now being done for murals on the front facing walls.  All of the carpark will be done both inside and outside as this has been a major eyesore for some time.  We are asking that as many people as possible   join us on these two days or for part off to do this project for the benefit of the town.  A barbeque will take place at 5pm in the carpark for volunteers and residents of Swinford and surrounding areas, your attendance would be gratefully appreciated.  Music will be provided by Everyday Solution and DJ Pidge.  



By Deirdre



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