Bonfire Night, A message from Mayo County Council

bonfire nightWith St John’s Eve just around the corner, Mayo County Council wishes to advise the public that the lighting of bonfires should be undertaken with great care. Mayo County Council does not wish to break any traditions steeped in our history and culture but must advise the public of the dangers of large bonfires on this night.

Traditional bonfires on bonfire night only burned untreated wood waste. The public are reminded that the burning of all waste including the burning of tyres is illegal under the waste management act. Also the Air Pollution Act obliges everybody not to cause or allow emissions in such a quantity as to be a nuisance or cause air pollution.

Please therefore, think before you light a bonfire this year and remember not to burn tyres, waste or any other dangerous materials. Please also do not use any flammable materials to light bonfires, especially petrol or diesel as these are extremely combustible.  Enjoy the night and please stay safe.

bonfire poster

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