2022 National Tidy Towns Competition

The 2022 National Tidy Towns Competition begins this week. We are in the process of sending out letters to all premises in the town centre. The contents of the letter are as follows:

Dear Business / Householder
Swinford Tidy Towns are asking for a little help from the community. We are asking you to
keep outside your premises clear from weeds and litter, along the walls and kerbs.
Get rid of the moss and the weeds once and you’ll only have to take a stiff brush to any new
ones that start to appear from time to time. Adjudicators from the National Tidy Towns
could arrive in Swinford anytime from next week, for the judging in the National Tidy
Towns competition.
Our local Tús team plan on powerwashing Main St early on Sunday morning so it would be
great if the weeding could be done before then.
You will have seen the flower baskets have gone up in the town recently and in the coming
days we will be setting out colourful plants in the planters around town. We need you to help
us out with the weeds so that the streets can show off the planting to best effect and we can
all be proud of our town.
We would like to thank everyone who has painted their premises and put out flower displays.
When everyone does a little bit, it makes a huge difference to the appearance of the town, to
our community and visitors alike.
Thanks, Tidy Towns Committee.
Chairperson – Tom Lavin, Vice Chair – Cathal Kelly
Secretary – Douglas Kelly
Co Treasurer’s – Douglas Kelly / Michael Maye
PRO – Michael Maye

power washing cobblestone footpath

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