National Biodiversity Data Centre 2017 Spring Wildflower Survey

The National Biodiversity Data Centre are currently undertaking the 2017 Spring Wildflower Survey. The survey is being done in conjunction with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, to record our common Spring wildflowers. All records sent into the national biodiversity data centre will be included in the Atlas 2020 project.

2017 Spring Wildflower Survey

2017 Spring Wildflower Survey – wildflower species. Pic : National Biodiversity

Full list of species included in the spring flowering plants project:

  1. Bluebell
  2. Common Dog-violet
  3. Cowslip
  4. Early Dog-violet
  5. Early-purple Orchid
  6. Lady’s smock (Cuckooflower)
  7. Lesser Celandine
  8. Lords-and Ladies
  9. Primrose
  10. Toothwort
  11. Wild Garlic
  12. Winter Heliotrope
  13. Wood Anemone
  14. Wood Sorrel

Would you like to participate in the survey?

Taking part in the survey is very simple, and fun to do, especially for the younger kids to get involved. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the above named wildflowers and if you see any of them in your locality, take a photo if you can and just add them in the survey on the national biodiversity data centre website. If you see any of the species of wildflowers, please submit your sighting. All information is very valuable.

We have found our first wildflower on the list here in Swinford, up in Brabazon woodlands. We seen this Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna | Grán arcáin) no 7 on the list, beginning to flower on Wednesday 22nd February last. We will be calling back again on a better day weather wise, to see if we can spot any more wildflowers on the list.

lesser celandine wildflower photographed in Brabazon woods in Swinford Co Mayo February 2017.

Lesser Celandine wildflower photographed in Brabazon woods in Swinford Co Mayo, 22nd February 2017.


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