2017 Mayo Litter Action League July Results Published

The 2017 Mayo Litter Action League July results for Swinford have been published.

Litter Action League 2017_

Month: July_ Area: Swinford Mark 75 ____

Swinford was inspected in the morning.

From the speed limits on the Kiltimagh Road at Tesco up along Chapel Street and Market Street 6 pieces of litter were noted, these consisted of drink cup and plastic bottle, sweet paper wrappers.

6 pieces of litter noted Main Street had, these consisted of sweet wrappers, plastic wrappers, and cigarette box.

3 pieces of litter noted along Station Road and Circular Road there was, these consisted of paper and sweet wrappers.

5 pieces were noted along Brookville Avenue, brown paper wrapper, sweet and take away drink cup and lid.

Davitt Place to Kilkelly Road 5 pieces of litter were noted, these consisted of plastic bottle, drink cup and sweet wrappers. The area around the bottle banks and car park were clean and litter free. Bridge Street this was litter free.

Result: 75

Rating Scoring


Excellent 75-85 €25

V.Good 51-74

Good 41-50

Fair 40 or less

Total Amount Remaining €770.00

Download July’s Results

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