2017 Mayo Litter Action League August Results Swinford

Litter Action League

Month August Area Swinford Mark 46

The area was inspected in the afternoon on a dry day.

From the speed limit coming off the Dublin road to the town centre 8 pieces of litter were noted, plastic, coffee cups and paper.

From Market Street to the community park was clean and well kept.

The Kilkelly road and bottle bank area had 3 pieces of litter, lotto ticket, foil and cigarette box.

Along riverside was clean and tidy.

Main Street had 20 pieces of litter made up of sweet wraps, plastics, papers, cigarette litter and plastic bottles.

Market Street had 18 pieces of litter again made up of sweet wraps, plastics, tickets (parking and lotto) and tissues.

From the garage to speed limit on Ballina side had 5 pieces of litter, plastic bag, cigarette box and mineral can and papers.

Result: 46

Rating Scoring


Excellent 75-85

Very Good 51-74

Good 41-50  -€100

Fair 40 or less

Total Amount Remaining €670.00

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