2016 Mayo Litter Action League May Results

Love where you live logoThe 2016 Mayo Litter Action League May Results are in. The Swinford judging took place sometime from Monday the 2nd of May, to Tuesday the 31st of May. This is Swinford’s first year in the Mayo Litter Action league competition and the format has changed slightly from previous years.

Each town and village in the competition is awarded €1,000 to begin with. Each item of litter seen on the day of judging costs €1, which is then deducted from your starting fund. The more items of litter found, the higher the cost, and the more we loose! In the April judging we lost €130 and were going into the month of May with a remaining balance of €870.

Month: May

Area: Swinford       Marks: 12

On the Kiltimagh Road 10 pieces of litter were noted.

On Bridge Street 10 pieces of litter were noted including paper and sweet wrappers and corrib oil bags.

On Market Street 25 pieces of litter were noted.

On Main Street from the Bridge to the Hotel 37 pieces of litter were noted and The litter was varied and included forks, sweet wrappers, cigarette butts and paper wrappers etc.

The Ballina road 6 pieces of litter were noted including coffees cups and sweet wrappers.

Result: 12

Rating Scoring €


Excellent 75-85

V.Good 51-74

Good 41-50

Result – Fair 40 or less -€130

Total Amount Remaining €740

Would you like to help us out?

We are asking everyone to please use the litter bins provided. If you see litter around the street, please pick it up and put it in the bin. Swinford Tidy Towns meet as usual every Wednesday evening at 7 and every Saturday morning at 11am. Meet at the “No Name Club” on Chapel St.


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