2019 Mayo Litter Action League May Results Swinford

Mayo County Council have introduced a new litter prevention competition “Spring into Litter Action”. This is an opportunity for everyone in the community to come together and make a difference. Thanks to the hard work of our local Tús & RSS schemes with regular litter picks, there was very little litter detected on the day of judging in May in Swinford. We also note the continued trend from last year of no dog fouling being reported by the adjudicators.  

The new competition will be judged and marked on three essential elements:

  1. Litter Prevention Initiative – 10% of the overall marks will be awarded to this element.

Littering is often an unconscious act. The best campaigns make people stop and think. Are there initiatives you could introduce to your area that appeal to pride in the local community? Examples of initiatives are introducing “Keep Cups” to the area, reducing single use plastic or perhaps organising community litter clean-ups.

  1. Participation and reporting under the National Spring Clean15% of the overall marks will be awarded to this element.

As part of the criteria for this new competition, you are required to provide proof of registration for An Taisce’s National Spring Clean and also to complete the report form which is available to download. Please provide as much detail as possible of all activities carried out in your area for the month of April and don’t forget to enclose as many photos as possible.

  1. Litter Management & Prevention – 75% of the overall marks will be awarded to this element. The reduction of litter accumulation in your area is a huge part of this competition. Remember that teamwork is key and it is essential to build a litter prevention message from the ground up. 

The Competition runs the same as before, judging begins in May and concludes in September.

Details of New Competition

  1. Groups will be categorized as follows:

Group A: Towns with multiple business’ / schools

  • Group B: Towns with a minimum of a School, Church, Shop / Public house.

  • Group C: Town / village with School, Church and or Shop / Public House

  • Group D: Small village with a School or Church or Shop / Public House

  • Group E: Small village – no public building or business.
  1. Each town will be assessed individually and not in league format.

  1. Prize money is staggered per group. Each entrant will commence with a sum of prize money which will be reduced based on marks attained. The entrant with most marks within their group at end of competition will achieve first second or third place.

  1. Under the new competition three essential elements will be used for judging purposes:

  • Litter prevention initiative e.g. promotion of “keep cups” / community litter picking events.

  • Participation and reporting under the National Spring Clean (completion of National Spring Clean form attached and photo’s).

  • Litter management and prevention – litter accumulation in area.

Marks will be awarded under the three categories as follows:

  • Litter prevention initiative = 10%

  • Participation and reporting under the National Spring Clean = 15%

  • Litter management and prevention = 75%

For example:

Of an initial prize money of €1,000:

A maximum of €750 is allocated to litter management – this money will be reduced based on litter accumulation.

A maximum of €150 to National Spring Clean participation and reporting.

A maximum of €100 to any litter prevention initiatives.

Spring into Litter Action – Swinford – (Mày)
Street Confectionery (sweet/crisp wrappers) Plastic bottles Plastic bags Drink cans Cigarette butts Papers / Newspapers Cardboard Ice-cream wrappers Chewing gum Dog fouling Broken glass Leaves Misc Total
Brookville Avenue 1       2                 0
Market Street 6 1                     1 0
Main Street 4       8                 0
Circular Road                           0
Kiltimagh Road                           0
Kilkelly Road                           0
Bridge Street 1       2                 0
Dublin Road 1         2               0
Count of rubbish 13 1 0 0 12 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
Rubbish 29                          
Other Comments:
Most litter is along path at Moore’s supermarket and Moore’s pub also sweet wrappers along path at EuroSpar, two spots to look
out for during clean ups or maybe speak to the business owners to help keep their perimeter’s litter free each day

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