2018 Mayo Litter League August Results Swinford

The 2018 Mayo litter action league August results for Swinford have now been published. Unfortunately the day the judges were in Swinford, there was a little more litter than usual. There seemed to have been a lot of newspapers strewn around the streets. There also seemed to be a lot of litter on Brookville Ave, possibly domestic rubbish bags attacked by wildlife?

On a positive note however, there were no cigarette butts recorded on the day of judging. This is down to the hard work of all the business keeping the footpaths swept outside their premises. A huge “thank you” to all! For the fourth month in a row its great to see that there has been no dog fouling spotted by our astute adjudicator! This is down to the huge success of our Mutt Mitts Project which was completed in 2014 in conjunction with Mutt Mitts Ireland.

For the month of August we were docked another €130, bringing our fund down to €535.

Litter Action League 2018 – Swinford – (August)
Street Confectionery (sweet/crisp wrappers) Plastic bottles Plastic bags Drink cans Cigarette butts Papers / Newspapers Cardboard Ice-cream wrappers Chewing gum Dog fouling Broken glass Leaves Misc Total
Brookville Avenue 15 2   4   3             3 27
Market Street 6 1 1     8               16
Main Street 8 2 2 2 1 6 2           3 26
Circular Road 2           3             5
Kiltimagh Road 1     1   2               4
Kilkelly Road   1 1                     2
Bridge Street 3     1   3               7
Dublin Road       1     1             2
Total Count of rubbish                           0
Marks for August 11                          
  April Less May Less June Less July less August Total          
Scoring €975 €130 €845 €50 €795 € 130 € 665 €130 €535          
Other Comments:
Misc was bottle tops, cigarette boxes,

Brookville Avenue was heavily littered as was Market st and Main st.        

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